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The environment of a business and, in general, of any organization, entails strategies that facilitate its operations and help make decisions and define objectives. This is why MPB puts its knowledge at the service of its clients to diagnose their company, highlighting strengths, mitigating risks and, above all, implementing actions aimed at concretizing its vision.

Strategic Analysis and Commercial Management

Said business vision is consolidated with an efficient commercial management, for which we strive to develop control and monitoring systems that lead us to focus on the commercial objectives of your business by applying different methods, tools and resources depending on the type of company and the market in which it develops.

  • Carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the state of the company in the aspects of human resources, strategy, leadership, systems, processes, etc.
  • Prepare a diagnosis of the company estimating the competitive advantages within its market.
  • We develop mechanisms to determine and prioritize the opportunities and threats of each company that allow us to strategically align efforts and actions.
  • Definition of plans and projects in the short, medium and long term, by organizational area to achieve defined goals and objectives.
  • Generation of budgets (involving income, expenses, investments), for the implementation of strategies that lead to improving business performance.

Maritime Policy Bureau has expert professionals in the area of port management with whom we guide and develop processes for public administrations and private entities; that allow increasing productivity, quality and efficiency, generating competitive advantages.

Maritime, Port and Logistics Management

The MPB team has demonstrated an ability to raise productivity standards, without budget increases, in the projects it leads.

The conditioning, regeneration and delimitation of the coastline is one of the relevant issues in the port area; we have a team that brings together allied companies specialized in modeling and simulation; allow us to provide innovative solutions for projects related to these areas.

  • Advice on maritime protection and studies for the internal audits corresponding to the ISPS Code in port facilities.
  • Security study and risk analysis.
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of the security regulations of port facilities based on the ISPS Code.
  • Advice on the company certification process for the comprehensive management of waste from ships.
  • Preparation, presentation and monitoring of requests for auxiliary maritime services for cargo, crew or vessels within the maritime cluster.
  • Evaluation and presentation of the documentation required to submit for consideration the requests for concessions of assets and port maritime infrastructures.
  • Feasibility and environmental studies for the development of maritime-port infrastructures.

MPB offers, adhering to national and international standards, flagging services for all types of vessels including gas carriers, bulk carriers, and others individualized or by fleet, as well as cabotage vessels and vessels under construction.

Registration of Vessels and Flagging

Our services are based on the basis that Panama is the leader in flagging, with about 18% of the world fleet, with a registry that maintains solidity, efficiency and greater prerogatives for its users, together with our privileged geographical position, make the registration process in the merchant marine of Panama one of the most advantageous and reliable.

In this sense, in accordance with the obligations arising from the flag, MPB provides advice for mandatory flag inspections, the processing of ship certifications, as well as assistance for the resolution of cases resulting from maritime accidents.

  • Advice for the flagging of ships.
  • Processing of provisional and regulatory navigation patents for ships.
  • Diagnostic pre-audit in accordance with the Code of Recognized Organizations (OR) to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop improvement processes.
  • Advice for the creation, management or management of Recognized Organizations (RO) to carry out flag inspection evaluations.
  • Processing of technical ship certificates (Bunker Convention Certificates (BCC), Passager Ship Liability Certificates (PAL), Wreck Removal Certificates (WRC) and the issuance of the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) for flagging, amendment and/or cancellation.
  • Presentation of applications for Accident Inspectors to be recognized by Panama.

Being maritime transport one of the most important items of world trade and depending on the seafarers who board and sail on ships, it is necessary to comply with the international regulations that have been established in this regard.

Seafarers and Training

MPB recognizes seafarers as an important pillar of development, which is why we base part of our services on their continuous training, based on the highest standards and ensuring strict compliance with the legal systems that regulate them.

Given the new reality that arises from autonomous ships, there is evidence of a need for seafarers to be trained, specifying innovation to keep them current within the maritime sector around this trend and according to the discussions that are brought before the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization and other bodies. That is why MPB studies and supports the need to develop new courses to keep seafarers updated.

  • Requests for technical documentation of seafarers in accordance with the STCW78 Convention, as amended.
  • Labor conciliation on complaints from seafarers in accordance with the Maritime Labor Agreement.
  • Applications for opening and/or Recognition of a Maritime Training Center or branches.
  • Advice for the constitution, recognition, and evaluation of the standards of the training centers.
  • Processing and management of requests for the addition of OMI courses to Training Centers.
  • Management of foreign certification of new OMI Courses to recognized Training Centers.
  • Advice for the structuring of agreements for the embarkation of sailors with shipping companies worldwide.

One of the biggest concerns of companies today is to achieve their activities in harmony between business, the environment and society. By virtue of the foregoing, the commitment to safeguard and respect the environment are highly valued qualities.


Hence, for MPB, advising our clients on developing sustainable production processes efficiently and at low costs is part of our environmental management.

  • Preparation of Environmental Impact studies.
  • Project monitoring reports, preparation of environmental audits and environmental adaptation and management programs (PAMA).
  • Environmental Education, Environmental Procedures.
  • Advice regarding the environmental legislation of the Republic of Panama for companies that plan to establish their domicile in the country.
  • Procedures before the Ministry of Environment.

Other Services

  • Maritime Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration.

  • Preparation of business plans.

  • Advice on the implementation of the quality management system, strategic plans and logistics development projects.

  • Study and implementation of new processes.

  • Creation of projects of legal and management regulations.

  • Provide logistics solutions.

  • Evaluation of adaptation and application for compliance with international regulations and standards according to IMO parameters.

  • Advice, management, and monitoring in participation in public tenders related to the maritime, energy, logistics and infrastructure sectors.

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