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Maritime Policy Bureau

Why Us?

The need to acquire information and develop strategies to take the right path in business decisions is decisive for the results. That is why, by hiring our services, you add knowledge and experience to your business.

There are three fundamental reasons for contracting knowledge, information and training services:

  • Gain momentum to enhance economic growth and accelerate organizational development
  • Have an external point of view to visualize the best applicable strategies for improving the competitive position.
  • Have professional support that minimizes time and burdens on the company’s human capital.

What We do

Our Services

The environment of a business and, in general, of any organization, entails strategies that facilitate its operations and help make decisions and define objectives.

Maritime Policy Bureau has expert professionals in the area of ​​port management with whom we guide and develop processes for public administrations.

MPB offers, in accordance with national and international standards, flagging services for all types of vessels including gas carriers, bulk carriers, and others.

Since maritime transport is one of the most important items of world trade, and this depends on the seafarers who board and sail on the ships.

One of the biggest concerns of companies today is to achieve their activities in harmony between business, the environment and society.

Maritime Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration. Preparation of business plans. Advice on the implementation of the quality management system

Meet Our Team

The Experts

At the Maritime Policy Bureau we are proud to have high-level professionals, committed and dedicated but above all passionate about everything they do. 

His proven experience in the management of projects of international and national importance speak of his expertise.

In this way, preparation, experience and talent are combined to put them at the service of satisfying the needs of our clients who have placed their trust in MPB




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Compliance and Environmental Policies Director


International Affairs & HR Director


Legal & Commercial Director

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