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Jorge Barakat Pitty


Graduate in Law and Political Sciences –Honorary Chapter, Sigma Lambda–, graduated from the University of Panama; He completed a Master in Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration at the Latin American University of Sciences and Technology and a Postgraduate in Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods at the same study center, receiving the honor degree Suma Cum Laude.

In maritime matters, he studied at the University of Panama for a Master’s Degree in Maritime Procedural Law with an emphasis in International Maritime Law and obtained certification as Port Professional Manager (PPM) by the American Association of Port Authorities in collaboration with Trainmar Americas.

Positions held in Public Administration:

  • ​Panama Maritime Court [Tribunal Marítimo de Panamá] – 1999-2003
    Judicial Secretary a.i. and Clerk Officer III.
  • Panama Maritime Authority [AMP] – 2009-2011 | 2014-2019 Minister of Maritime Affairs of Panama and General Administrator. Deputy General Manager

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